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Who is Roo Kang?!

Distict G x Roo Kang: Latest Interview

We’ve known you for many years now Roo Kang and have seen you win and loose a fair few battles, but I have to say our fondest memory of you was when you won the last major tournament at 360 Gaming, on Tekken 6 against Asim. You had been defeated by him in a few finals prior to this but you came back from behind to win 3-2 in the finals, it was nail biting….

What is your fondest memory?

One of my favourite memories is the one you mentioned above . That tournament has some of greatest players ever in the UK such as Dino , Tim , Asim , lion O , Bullrage , real menace + others.

How do you keep focused under pressure?

I believe its always best to drink water after every match as it keeps me focused and alert. We all feel pressure at some point as Tekken players but how we control it contributes greatly to our overall tournament performance.

Also try to slow the game down if you feel like your being too aggressive and analyse what you are doing wrong in-between matches.

You have now, won a whole host of tournaments….
How much money do you think you have won to date roughly?

I don’t have a clue haha. I should have a notebook or something but it’s safe to say over £3000

Last year you competed and won a tournament in Dubai, how does that differ from UK tournaments?

The Dubai tournament was just as good. OUG Gaming put on a great show and I strongly recommend the UK players to visit Dubai for these events.

What advice would you give to people, who are aiming to become a top tier Tekken player?

Well this Is something I used when I first started playing Tekken competitively; If I lost to a player because of lack of character knowledge , I would then go on to learn how to use that character. This would help me gain a better understanding of how the character works and what their strongest moves are.

You competed at the latest UK Tekken 7 tournament
What were your thoughts on the game?

I think the game is great. The graphics are amazing and the game-play is brilliant.

Do you think the game is strong enough to increase the community?

The answer is yes. When I went to EGX this year. I met so many new Tekken players and the console set ups were busy through out all 3 days. There is a lot of interest in the game and I believe the community will get even bigger after its released on console.

You will be taking part in our pro league tournament commencing on the 12th March 2017, have you dusted off your p3 and started to practise?

Yes of course. District G is the place to be on the 12th of March. I have started practising now and dust has come of the ps3 🙂

Who do you think will be your biggest threat?

I believe Asim as he was the one who taught me how to bring my game-play to the next level. He is one of reasons I achieved so much these last couple of years.

To keep up to date on all things Roo Kang follow his Instagram: @rookang_tekken