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What is the Pro League?


Pro League:

The Pro League is the ultimate arena for pros to mix it with up and coming talent in the Tekken scene. Whether pro or casual everyone will have an opportunity to show their skills, compete at the highest level and be part of the Pro League top 8!


The Preliminary stage (WAR III, 24th February 2018)

Players will take part in a single elimination knockout stage. The first second and third will progress to the Pro-League.


The Pro-League

The Pro-League will be made up of the 4 qualifying players from the preliminary round, together with the four WAR seeds (Asim, RTFM  Roo Kang, DG|Bonus Jin, Haroun)

  • The league will be a round robin; everyone plays each other once.
  • A match will consist of best out of three games (first to two games),
  • Three points for a match win, and an additional point for each game won in the match,

*e.g if a player wins a match 2-1 he will then receive five points whilst the losing player receives one point.

  • The winner of the Round Robin will win a cash prize!


The Knockout stage

  • Top four players from the Pro-League will proceed to the Knockout stage.

*In the semi-final, the player who won/qualified first in the Pro-League will play the player who qualified fourth. And the player who qualified second will play the player who qualified third.

  • The winners of both semi-finals will proceed to the grand final to compete for the Jackpot prize!

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