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Wanna win some cash??? CEO Strider brakes down prize pot rules!!

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Pro-League CEO Strider has secured £800.00 prize pot funding and discusses how it will be awarded from the hosts at District-G.

I would like to take a minute to firstly, say a very warm thank you Game Static for sponsoring the prize pot, this has given the gaming community a chance to get paid for what they love and award there talents. Thank you!

Right, we have had many queries regarding the prize pot and the break down, please revise the following.

The £800.00 prize pot will be split into three stages.
The Preliminary / Single elimination consisting of a maximum number of 32 players as follows.

Prize Pot £100.00

The top three players from the preliminary stage, will share the £100.00 prize pot as follows

1st Place £50.00
2nd Place £25.00
3rd Place £25.00

The league stage / Round Robin, qualifiers from single elimination stage above will be entered in with District-G, top 5 seeded players a total entry of 8 players.

Prize Pot £300.00

The top 4 players from the league will share the £300.00 prize pot as follows

1st place £100.00
2nd Place £80.00
3rd Place £60.00
4th Place £60.00

Grand Final stage

Prize pot £400.00

First Place £250.00
Second Place £150.00

You have the chance of winning once qualified successfully place 1st in the last two stages a grand total of £350.00

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