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UYU | Princess Ling : Up close and personal!

P. Ling: The Man, The Myth, The Princess…


What version got you into Tekken, and why?
I’ve always been into Tekken, but Tekken 6 is where I learned about combos and there actually being tournaments for the game. It interested me because growing up I’ve always played Tekken just casually amongst other games , and then once I seen a trailer for Tekken 6 was coming out I was so excited because it looked really cool. I begged my parents for a PS3 and that’s how it all started haha.

What do you see for the future of Tekken in the eSports world?
What I would like to see is Tekken headed towards the same direction as League of Legends. Slowly but surely the FGC could be headed there ! Fingers crossed !

Do you think the game publishers do enough to promote Tekken in eSports?
I think the Tekken World Tour is a step in the right direction. Also E-League was a great addition . Perhaps there could be more to help promote eSports !

Rontray “P.Ling” Sherman, UYU

If you could have hybrid character from other games what would it look like and why?

I would love to see a Naruto character! I used to play the Naruto Storm games and they had Lars in one of them, so why not have a Naruto character!

If you could give out one piece of advice to Tekken players starting out and making their way through the ranks what would it be?
I would say just focus on the characters tools, rank is a great way to get a feel for a variety of characters and grow your knowledge of the game. This is how i started and it worked out pretty well!

We saw Super Akouma, Tissuemon and District G’s very own Kaneandtrench performing really well towards the end of last year – are you intimidated by your European counterparts?
I’m actually not intimidated by any European competitors. I think they have a very interesting style that I can handle pretty well!

You mentioned in a interview that you procrastinated over frame data, is this still your training style?
I learn some of the important frame data but I still find myself procrastinating some stuff in Tekken 7. I will get to it however!

What is next for P.Ling?
Big things in the future! Be on the lookout for announcements on my twitter!! @tkgodpling