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UYU | Princess Ling : Up close and personal! here P. Ling: The Man, The Myth, The Princess…

source url What version got you into Tekken, and why?
I’ve always been into Tekken, but Tekken 6 is where I learned about combos and there actually being tournaments for the game. It interested me because growing up I’ve always played Tekken just casually amongst other games , and then once I seen a trailer for Tekken 6 was coming out I was so excited because it looked really cool. I begged my parents for a PS3 and that’s how it all started haha.

go What do you see for the future of Tekken in the eSports world?
What I would like to see is Tekken headed towards the same direction as League of Legends. Slowly but surely the FGC could be headed there ! Fingers crossed ! Do you think the game publishers do enough to promote Tekken in eSports?
I think the Tekken World Tour is a step in the right direction. Also E-League was a great addition . Perhaps there could be more to help promote eSports !

Rontray “P.Ling” Sherman, UYU

lowest price viagra 10 pills If you could have hybrid character from other games what would it look like and why?

herbal viagra buy uk I would love to see a Naruto character! I used to play the Naruto Storm games and they had Lars in one of them, so why not have a Naruto character!

click here If you could give out one piece of advice to Tekken players starting out and making their way through the ranks what would it be?
I would say just focus on the characters tools, rank is a great way to get a feel for a variety of characters and grow your knowledge of the game. This is how i started and it worked out pretty well!

how to purchase viagra from canada We saw Super Akouma, Tissuemon and District G’s very own Kaneandtrench performing really well towards the end of last year – are you intimidated by your European counterparts?
I’m actually not intimidated by any European competitors. I think they have a very interesting style that I can handle pretty well!

You mentioned in a interview that you procrastinated over frame data, is this still your training style?
I learn some of the important frame data but I still find myself procrastinating some stuff in Tekken 7. I will get to it however!

What is next for P.Ling?
Big things in the future! Be on the lookout for announcements on my twitter!! @tkgodpling