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Up Close and Personal – Who is Tissuemon?

What version got you into Tekken, and why?

I started to play Tekken when I was in high school with my school friends. So it was almost around the Tekken 4 period.

There was arcade that I used to go to on my way home from school and one office lady was playing Tekken in their who has got big frog coin case. I was calling her “big frog coin case” in myself

That “big frog coin case” Kazuya was amazing fast and super strong, and I was keeping to lose against “big frog coin case”. That things switched on a fire on my heart. Soon I noticed, I was playing every day.

One day my school friends told me that “there is 50YEN arcade nearby and invited me along so you wanna go? “(we were playing 100YEN then) and then we tried to go 50YEN arcade. Actually it became a major landmark in my Tekken life. This arcade place is the most famous arcade in japan. Of course we didn’t know that then. This arcade is called Monte Carlo in Osaka. I could not win anything against Monte Carlo players… Anything.

This attitude and atmosphere of the players in this arcade was so terrible.

Once I was on a major losing streak, my opponent kept shouting at me “Go to bank, withdraw lots of money and come back again!” and kicked the arcade machine! He kept laughing and using Yoshimitsu with only KATANA (Yoshimitsu sword) and he was totally raping me.

I remember he also used NINA and kept slapping my character’s face with the same one move.

Can you imagine? I even know who the f he was!!

Anyways, this is when I noticed, I was playing everyday in Monte Carlo. This is reason why I started to play Tekken seriously. To shut up the Monte Carlo Arcade players! lol


What do you see for the future of Tekken in the esports world?

Do you know Mr Harada became responsible for E-sports association in Japan? I think this will is give a big push to Tekken’s esports future.

We believe in Harada san… so of course all Tekken players want esports to be exciting and we hope that Tekken will be acknowledged as Sports all over the world.

I’ve lived in Europe for a long time and I would like to say as a European player, that If the leading player and country becomes a European or American, I think that Tekken Esports will be more exciting for sure.

To get to this position, we have to see a lot of good quality, well organised competitions and so we can  get more experience.

We have to beat the Koreans and Japanese.

A two country only battle is not competitive enough and will be boring to watch as a sport.

Anyways I’m surprised that a lot of European players are now playing seriously, just as much as the Asian players.


Do you think the game publishers do enough to promote Tekken in esports?

I believe in Harada san…


If you could have hybrid character from other games what would it look like and why?

Easy question. Please give me Craig Marduk from Tekken series. I don’t need the others. 

I just want to get him and break all you guys faces!! Or John Cena from WWE.


If you could give out one piece of advise to Tekken players starting out and making their way through the ranks what would it be?

“watch the monitor more” and “Press more low attach. 40% middle attach and 70% low attach”(Total 110% lol)


Where do you see yourself against Tekken giants from around the world?

What do you mean? How much am I giant in the world? Hmm.

I can say 4th place in the world in this moment…


Who do you fear playing the most in Europe?

In Europe, I can say Super Akouma and Daniel Mado. I hope we can all make it to world class.


What is next for Tissuemon?

At first my aiming goal is to go through the qualification of TWT and then final goal is to get better result than last year. It means Top3 in the world and I would like to repay the favours from my sponsors Cyberground gaming and Qanba etc..

For information on Tissuemon follow him on Twitter @tissuemon