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Up Close and Personal: Meet CRaZY Super Akouma

What version got you into Tekken, and why?
I started playing competitively on Tag 2 but I’ve playing since tekken 3.

What do you see for the future of Tekken in the eSports world?

I think Tekken 7 has reached the same tipping point as Street Fighter. It’s established itself as one of the most popular eSports around and a lot of people who don’t even play the game are interested in it at least as spectators. It’s also becoming quite profitable to be a pro Tekken player.

Do you think the game publishers do enough to promote Tekken in eSports?
Almost every fighting game has it’s own circuit now, like the Tekken World Tour, Capcom Pro Tour or Neo Geo World Tour. Which is great but the Tekken team also helps the game in general by adding new guest characters that bring hype and keep things interesting. If the game stays relevant then the game as an eSport can stay relevant.

If you could have hybrid character from other games what would it look like and why?
I’ve already got my perfect hybrid character from another game but I wouldn’t mind seeing either a DOA or VF character so that most people won’t complain and it would be pretty easy to transpose into Tekken; or something crazy from an anime fighting game. I’m happy with any new content, no matter how out of place some might think it looks, I trust Harada and his team to make it work.

If you could give out one piece of advise to Tekken players starting out and making their way through the ranks what would it be?
My advice is keep training and try to express yourself through the game when you’re playing

How did you find the Tekken World tour?
I loved the first Tekken World Tour and the second has been great so far.

Where do you see yourself against Tekken giants from around the world?
There’s only a small number of players that I consider a real threat around the world. I think that I’m close to being a “Tekken giant” myself.

Who do you fear playing the most in Europe?
In Europe I don’t fear anyone, that’s not to say it’s easy or that I guarantee my win but there is nobody that makes me think I’ve already lost like a JDCR or a Saint (which doesn’t stop me from trying my hardest when I do face them). I think I have more chance of winning than losing in Europe but I’m certainly not invincible.

What is next for Super Akouma?
I hope I can qualify for this season of the Tekken World Tour and not succumb to pressure like last year so I can show the world what I can do! I’m also going to try becoming a streamer like my friend Fergus.

To find out more follow him on Twitter @superakouma