Upcoming events:

Tekken 7 WAR: Pro League Qualifier – Sunday 6th August




PS4 for Tekken 7


PLAYER CAP: 64 entrants



Double elimination; Players will not be eligible to move forward if they lose two matches in the bracket. All matches are best out of three, (80 second time limit) except for winner’s finals, loser’s finals and grand finals which will be best of five.


For the first game in a new set: no character lock, and random stage select.


For subsequent games within a set: only the loser of the previous game can change character (winner must remain with the same character) and change to a specific stage (otherwise random stage).


If a player is called out and doesn’t show up for his match within 2 minutes, he forfeits the match. For this reason it is recommend NOT to leave the tournament area until the current stage of the tournament has finished.





Players will have 30 seconds to choose their character from the character select screen. If both players are unable to select characters by then, then they must select the characters highlighted at the time invoked by the judge.


Blind pick available for character selection disputes, coin toss available for 1p/2p side disputes. Sides cannot be switched once a match starts.


The player MUST check button config before your match starts, then stop and restart the match.


Pausing (or pressing Home button) for any reason (including button config) means you forfeit the current round.


Please respect the players’ personal space (no close distractions or touching the players when they play)


BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLERS!!! (for the relevant console(s))


For casuals, please vacate your spot (and wait in turn again) if somebody is waiting behind you. If nobody is waiting, then you can continue playing until someone steps up, but the loser is determined by the FIRST FT2 you play (the rest of the matches are merely “bonus matches.


Past Events:

NBA 2K17 Tournament – Sunday, 9th April

Tournament Rules

Console: Playstation 4


Difficulty Level- Pro

  • All players will be put in to a single elimination bracket.
  • All players will play a minimum of 4 quarters
  • The length of playing time will be 2 minutes per quarter, except for the Quarter Finals (3 minutes), Semi Finals (4 minutes), and the Championship Game (5 minutes) per quarter.
  • Only current NBA teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited.
  • Please take note that the tournament is played with the latest NBA 2K17 update
  • Camera View: 2K View (unless both players can agree an alternate view)
  • Fatigue: ON
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • You are permitted to change teams during the tournament.
  • You can change your plays and coaches settings during the tournament.
  • Two competing player may choose to play the same team.

*Retro Bonus Tournament*

To tie in with our sponsored retro night at The Tram Social we will also be hosting an NBA Jam tournament.
With a £100 prize pot, free entry and starting at 7pm.

Tekken Closing Party Sunday 12th March, Tooting Tram & Social, London

Watch some of Europe’s finest Tekken talent come to blows at this one off, live-streamed Battlezone©, that honours Tekken Tag 2. Spectators will get to experience free-play, DJ’s, pre-release Tekken 7 hype and the chance to win merchandise.

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