Upcoming Events:

District G and FIFAPUB present: The FIFA Pro League!

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Past Events:

District G: WAR III – The Pro League!

Tekken 7 WAR Part II: Pro – League Qualifier, Sunday 26th November

Tekken 7 WAR: Pro League Qualifier – Sunday 6th August



NBA 2K17 Tournament – Sunday, 9th April

Tournament Rules

Console: Playstation 4


Difficulty Level- Pro

  • All players will be put in to a single elimination bracket.
  • All players will play a minimum of 4 quarters
  • The length of playing time will be 2 minutes per quarter, except for the Quarter Finals (3 minutes), Semi Finals (4 minutes), and the Championship Game (5 minutes) per quarter.
  • Only current NBA teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited.
  • Please take note that the tournament is played with the latest NBA 2K17 update
  • Camera View: 2K View (unless both players can agree an alternate view)
  • Fatigue: ON
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • You are permitted to change teams during the tournament.
  • You can change your plays and coaches settings during the tournament.
  • Two competing player may choose to play the same team.

*Retro Bonus Tournament*

To tie in with our sponsored retro night at The Tram Social we will also be hosting an NBA Jam tournament.
With a £100 prize pot, free entry and starting at 7pm.

Tekken Closing Party Sunday 12th March, Tooting Tram & Social, London

Watch some of Europe’s finest Tekken talent come to blows at this one off, live-streamed Battlezone©, that honours Tekken Tag 2. Spectators will get to experience free-play, DJ’s, pre-release Tekken 7 hype and the chance to win merchandise.

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