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Ryan Hart + Problem X: Storming the Street Fighter Pro community

Today in our District…

I took time to interview Problem X and Ryan Hart at District G’s recent Battlezone tournament, in their home town of London – The Street Fighter pro’s were both geared up to topple one another in a classic Battlezone showdown took some time to reflect on the game, the community and the future…..

What are your thoughts on the new Street Fighter V?
Hart: The game is cool, there is a good variety of characters, they are all pretty deep plus there is a lot of room in the training ground to be creative
Hart: I have a main character that I use, but I dabble
X: I have 2 main characters… but I play around too

You guys are both playing a lot of tournaments now, Are you making a career out of it?
Hart: Yes, living out of Berlin, I am spending half my time professionally emersed in the gaming world, you can make a living, however there is a bit of a saturation of high level players right now, so there is a need for sponsors to fund our touring – I’m part of Falcon Arena out in the UAE, they are sponsoring my tournaments – there is a big gaming market community coming out of the Middle East, especially in Dubai, Abu Duabi & Kuwait
But the best Street Fighter community is without doubt in Japan, the level is high, the community spirit is strong and they are dedicated to meeting and playing together

What team are you part of Problem?
X: I’m self-sponsored, I’m starting my own team, me another very talented Mortal Kombat player, it’s just us for now as I want to make it an elite group, as Ryan says, there is some player saturation at this level, it sounds snobby but I want to make this a full time thing for me
It’s always good to have a back-up plan, mine is Finance, but let’s see what happens over the next few months

Street Fighter: Leaders of the new school – Problem X and Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son)

How much practice time are you putting in currently?
Hart: I’m on about 5 hours a day

X: I’ve upped my practice recently to 8 hours a day, sometimes the time spent practicing does not always equate to improvement, it depends on how you use that time

So fighting games – do you think they will get close to PC games in terms of following and funding?
Hart: Absolutely, the market is always growing, as long as big corporations are investing in eSports, it just going to get bigger

How often do you get to play each other?
Hart: When were both in London, we used to meet up in north Acton, now I’m in Germany it’s harder – we are yet to play in a Street Fighter V tournament together, so I can’t wait for you guys to do yours i’ll definitely be there! We have totally got to know each others style, which is good, it means you are forced to change it up all the time in order to keep winning

Problem Do you ever cross-over to other games?
X: Sometimes I do a bit
Hart: Don’t listen him, he’s being humble he’s great at SF, MK and COD! I also play other games

What titles are in the future for you?
Hart: It depends, SFV is hot right now, but who knows, when Tekken 7 comes out, maybe that’ll be so good that we’ll want to grt good at that instead – it really comes down to the games engine and how strong the publishers are, will there be a pro tour, will there be funding?
X: It’s possible to be full time in fighting games, I was with Team Razor for a time, but if you are self-funded, I think you work harder as its your money at stake – and you win one big tournament and the investment has been worth it..

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