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Ready, Steady…..Fight!

Ahead of the epic District G Pro-league battle on March 12th in London our senior community member, Gilgamesh, has given us a quick round up of just some of the top, most dangerous players you can expect to see battle it out on the day.

Have a read and let us know on the twitter (@playdistrictg) who you think will be the victor on the day!!


After earning his stripes in the arcades of Lahore, this Pakistani powerhouse
set sail for the UK and immediately began dominating the London Tekken scene. Highly-skilled, experienced with numerous event wins under his belt and excellent placements at EU tournaments – Asim is a firm favourite to take home the gold. An accomplished player with no discernible weaknesses – will he be adding another trophy to his collection?


The new kid on the block. A dedicated Yoshimitsu loyalist who has experienced a rapid rise to the upper echelons of the competitive community. After a series of tournament wins and victories over established veterans, Kaneandtrench went on to become the UK’s first Tekken 7 champion and put in a prideworthy performance at The King of Iron Fist Global Final in Japan. His dedication, attitude towards improvement and competitive spirit mak
e him UK Tekken’s most exciting prospect for the future!

King Jae:

King Jae is living proof of the merits of hard work. Boasting unquestionable commitment and tenacity in abundance, he gets the job done as eventually; all foes shall fall before The King! Now running successful YouTube/Twitch channels that specialise in tech and gaming, he may be too busy for focussed practice but underestimate him at your peril. He’s recently made waves in the UK Street Fighter community and won’t be caught slacking once Tekken 7 is released.

The Phantom:

This Raven specialist has consistently proven his quality with strong placings and victories in both domestic and major European events. A true Tekken scientist who is not afraid of using an in-depth knowledge of his character’s intricacies to get the upper hand. The Phantom is an old-school legend that proudly represents his native Italy and adopted home, Gran Bretagna. Fiercely competitive but always willing to assist a fellow Raven player, or as he calls them – his “Phans” …


A courageous combatant who accepts all challenges – no one can doubt that Rookang has an unshakeable will to win. Never content with being a runner-up, he has continuously pushed himself to improve and now boasts a vast collection of domestic and overseas championships. Whilst initially known for his fearlessly aggressive playstyle and overwhelming offence, he has developed into a more well-rounded player with sound judgement and a killer instinct that’s second to none!