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Phantom of the Gamer-torium!

Suspense is building for the big Pro-League showdown this Sunday, 12th of March. Ahead of this, we caught up with one of the favourites to take the District G Pro-League crown, The Phantom!… Check out what he had to say below…


How long have you been part of the Tekken community for ?
I started playing professionally since 2005 and I’ve known an ever-growing number of players from many cities across my home region, then across Italy, then Europe, in particular Great Britain, of course.

How is the London community?
The London community at the moment is dormant for we all are waiting for this upcoming Tekken 7, which appears to be more and more interesting as its new patches and installments are being developed. Generally the London community has its good and bad times, unfortunately with cracks that sometimes expand, sometimes re-close. It is like a big family: there are always arguments, black sheeps and prodigal sons.

Are you competing internationally, if so where?
I’m always up for any international event regarding the European territory. I’ve never been outside Europe before. One of my goals would be to compete at EVO in California one day, but so far i’m more focused on what’s going on around Europe in terms of Tekken events.

Are you commercialising Tekken/Street Fighter with sponsorship/prize money/social media?
Unfortunately not.

If not is that that goal?
I don’t think so. Tekken has become a simple hobby for me by a couple of years, and the tournaments i’m going to are more like paying visit to old friends than a competitive event for me, but i’m glad i still can take down some major heads and claim a pretty high position nevertheless.

What players do you rate at the moment, and who is your biggest rival?
Tekken 7 will utterly narrow the gap between pro, old school players and medium players. I think when the time comes Starscream and Asim will sit on the top again. For the moment Kane Heartfield has shown a significant level-up in a single year. I think he’s the guy to be worried about at the very moment, and also my biggest rival nowadays, since he took me out of a major tournament and a few smaller events here and there. Also because i can’t really stomach his Yoshimitsu! 😀

Do you think combat games will be as big as PC in prize and sponsorship money?
I don’t think so. PC has a huge flexibility in terms of both hardware and software. MOBA games and RTS games at the moment are the ones getting the most attention and prestige because of their infinite ways of defining a match and separating a casual player from a pro player. They require a mouse and a keyboard for eye-hand coordination. A mouse is lightning fast and has millions of possible places and actions to click in a map(same goes for FPS games). Also MOBAs(for example) require team-play and hence there is even more requirement of skills, focus and coordination in order to win.

What is the must attend tournament for street fighter and Tekken players currently?
I think everyone from both franchises should aim one day to pay a visit to the Evolution(or EVO), because it is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the world. Not only for them 2 games but also for many other fighting games.

Where can we see you play next?
Probably in Italy this summer, unless the UK organises an event here first after Tekken 7 game release. See you there! 😉