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Meet Enzo Tramontano – FIFA Pro for Team Qlash!!

Being a Pro FIFA player in 2019…

We caught up with Enzo, Italian FIFA champion representing Team Qlash. Take a read and find out what its like to be a Pro FIFA player in the new world!

•How long have you been playing FIFA for?
I started to play FIFA professionally from the very beginning of this 2018, so this is my first competitive challenge!

•Has it always been FIFA or did you ever play Pro Evolution Soccer?
When I was younger Pro Evolution Soccer was my fave, but I came to play FIFA because seemed to me a more realistic game. At least for me it has a bigger emotional impact.

•Have you played FIFA 19 yet on demo yet? What are your first thoughts?
Oh yes! I was able to play the demo and seemed to me a bit better; I enjoyed playing some matches and can’t wait for the final release of the game!

•What country produces the best FIFA players in your opinion?
Best players? Germans!
Germany has many virtual soccer teams, and has kind of open mind for esports. That’s why, in my opinion, it is a champion-farm!
Hope we can compete at best with them and, hopefully, win!

•Who is the hardest FIFA player you’ve ever faced? What was the score when you played?
I’ve faced many good players since the beginning of my professional career; some of the best matches I’ve played were during live events as in Barcelona, Manchester, Amsterdam but, truly, the one that gave me hard times is my team mate Diego!
His playgame is kind of… crazy!

•Who is your favourite team to play with and what formation do you use? Why?
In FUT competitive mode I always play 4-4-2 in a ball-possession scheme. Actually there is not one best team to play but I enjoy playing with Juventus.

•Do you prefer online or offline play? Why?
Online play has a different strategy, game is more fluid and players are more reactive. So, def, my fave is online!

•Do you think there will ever be as much tournament and sponsorship money in FIFA as there is in other eSports games like DOTA or Fortnite? How long until this happens?
Well, FIFA is very different game and you need to have kind of “passion” to play.
While Fortnite or DOTA have a different approach and are more playable and enjoyable by the majority of people. I believe FIFA could evolve and be sponsored in some years, we’re close!

•What is your top tip for becoming a pro FIFA player? How can a player get noticed and recruited by a Pro team?
Understanding game mechanics and dynamics, put the best effort into the game, never stop playing and try to beat any limit.
Being noticed? Being active on social media with results and play live events where the action is!

•What tournaments or leagues will you be entering this year? Where can people watch you play?
This year at least 3 tournaments upon Weekend League’s qualification, then some more live events to play with my team.
You can follow me and my team on QLASH social medias, we’ll be live for some events!

Instagram: @enzotramontano_
FB: enzomarty97