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Liono: Does his bite match his roar?

Check out our quick fire round with a very cocksure Liono!!

So Liono I am going to get straight to the point ; When can we roughly expect Lionz Den 4?




I don’t think that many would argue with me when I say that Lionz Den is now one of the biggest Tekken Events of the year. How do you keep the event entertaining? It’s the biggest Tekken event in Europe .

People lie but numbers don’t.


Last year you added Fifa to the event, will there be any other games added to the bill in Lionz Den 4?

Yes wait & see.


When it comes to Tekken, there’s not many people that don’t know who Liono is but for those who don’t, can you tell the newbies in the community who you are and how you got involved in the community both as a player and as an event organiser?

Don’t worry they know who I am.


Since you have been involved in the community would you say it has grown?

Of course I took it to another level which the snakes dreamed about.


Will we ever see a fully professional Tekken player?

You’re talking to 1.

At Lionz Den players were lucky enough to be able to play Tekken 7 what were your thoughts on the game?

It’s ok. It’s another game.

We have now created our pro-league which will be launched at our Tekken Closing Party. Who, apart from our 5 seeds (Asim, Roo Kang, Kane and Trench, King Jae and Phantom) if they enter will have a chance of winning the tourney? 

None of them if I have anything to do with it!!!