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KaneAndTrench: The new kid on the block!

We took some time out to catch up with the new kid on the block. Everyone seems to have high hopes for this relative newbie. What’s all the hype about? Read on to find out…

So Kane it is like you came out of virtually nowhere and lit up the Tekken community.  What’s that all about?

Yeah you could say that *laughs* I just had a sudden interest in the offline scene and just thought I’d show up, who knew it’d all come up to this point?


What and where was your first tournament, who introduced you to the scene?

My first tournament was SvB 2014, and it took place at The Heart of Gaming arcade near Harrow. No one actually introduced me, I just noticed the tournament as an offline event on Facebook, and considering I played online on Tekken Tag 2 for so long, I felt like experiencing what it’s like to be there playing with people with the same passion for Tekken, and get some valuable experience.


How did you come about your gamer name, what is the story behind it?

I came across the name KaneAndTrench as a sort of name collaboration between me and an online friend years back on PS3, it was kind of a childish idea at the time *laughs*. I guess now I just sort of view the name as a play on the game title Kane & Lynch.


When I hear people talking about KaneAndTrench, I frequently hear this quote ‘He is the future of Tekken’. How do you feel about that?

The fact I’m viewed as the future of UK Tekken is flattering, I am of course a new school player, joining the scene during Tag 2’s later years and the fact that now I’m seen as the top new guy by the UK community makes me so happy. As such, I’m hoping to be an inspiration for new and existing new school players when Tekken 7 comes out.


What player do you look up to?

Hard to say, I’ve never really been one to idolise players as I view everyone in an equal light. In terms of learning how to get good with Yoshi, I guess the more notable players to me in that sense are JustFrameJames from America and eyemusician, but in general I look up to the general community and the Yoshi guys, I couldn’t have gotten where I am now if not for them.


How do you deal with this pressure?

I find dealing with the pressure quite easy to be honest, I’m always confident and never let it get to me, whether it be during matches or just being perceived as the top guy which gives me a certain reputation to uphold. I just come and play like any normal player would, without letting anything like that cause doubts in my mind. So pressure is a minor thing for me in my opinion.


You are currently the Tekken 7 UK champion, how did it feel when you won that event?

It feels awesome to be called the UK Tekken 7 champion, considering we’ve hardly had any time with the game besides a few events. When I won the UK Qualifier for KOIFT2016, I just felt so happy and overwhelmed, especially since lots of people were standing up for me, it made me almost shed tears *laughs*. It was just the amazing support that I had from the UK guys that just made everything better in my opinion.


When the game finally releases, do you think you will still be able to hold your number one status?

Possibly, but of course nothing’s guaranteed. When the game releases, people will be able to put in a lot of work at home without being restricted to just playing the game at events. Part of the reason I won the UK Qualifier was due to me researching a lot beforehand, and applying that put me in a good position. When everyone has the necessary knowledge to play at their best for Tekken 7, then it’s anyone’s game. So anyone who wants my spot, feel free to take it… if you can *laughs*.


What is your ultimate ambition?

My ultimate ambition is just to keep playing the best that I can, continue to prove my skills in Tekken and walk away with wins under my belt or high placements at the least in as many big tournaments as possible. But the real thing that counts for me is just being there with the community and having a good time together on Tekken, It doesn’t get more satisfying than that.


So you are one of our top seeds for the upcoming pro league, who are your greatest threats?

My greatest threats… well Asim is definitely one, he did defeat me in a close tournament match at LionZ Den 3 and that was when he was at his best, so he’s the one I ought to watch out for. The other threat would be The Phantom, he and I kind of have a small history as rivals because of our main characters *laughs*. Lately I’ve been doing well against him but his skill definitely can’t be underestimated. His main team is tricky to play against and the tables could turn anytime when I play him. So these two I think are definitely ones I have to be careful when the event comes around.

Keep up to date with KaneAndTrench, follow him on Twitter: @KaneAndTrench