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Interview with the King!

Meet King Jae – Up and coming pro player for Streetfighter & Tekken

How long have you been part of the Tekken community ?

I would say 2008 was the first time I entered the competitive circuit for Tekken. It was for a tournament named ‘Battle Of Destiny’ for numerous fighting games. I entered Tekken 5:DR.

How is the London community?

Ever since I’ve been pushing out A LOT of Tekken content, its been birthing new players. Everyone who’s playing their part to doing tournaments is growing the community and players also. I feel like Tekken 7 will have a surge of new players. Lets hope they stick around.

Are you competing internationally, if so where?

Not for Tekken no. For Street Fighter, I will be competing in the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 for sure.

Are you commercialising Tekken/street fighter with sponsorship/prize money/social media?

Thats the long term plan but cant say too much right now.

What players do you rate at the moment, and who is your biggest rival?

*Laughs* I have had rivalrys with many players but the ones who stand out to me are the following:

Rookang: Despite beating me in Tag 2, I have had his number on several Tekken 7 encounters. He’s a good player to have in the Tekken scene as he came and pretty much started to place high at the start of TEKKEN TAG 2.
Real Menace: If he still plays that is. Me and Menace first started out beefing online. Many of the Tekken community know when me and him done sets previously online, it would generate loads of viewers. We play SF also and trash talk each other. Great entertainment. I’d like to take him on again in the next Battlezone.
KaneandTrench: Been doing well at the end of Tekken. He’s been beating me a lot but I don’t have the drive as I feel Tekken Tag 2 is an old game. Lets see what happens when I am hungry for Tekken 7 and actually grind the game.
Do you think combat games will be as big as PC in prize and sponsorship money?
Hard to say. You would think so but SFV has not shown this and it’s the one big fighting game that’s gone on PC. Even Killer Instinct is not doing much on PC. We have to see how it goes.


What is the must attend tournament for street fighter and Tekken players currently?

For Street Fighter V, any Capcom Pro Tour event. For Tekken 7, nothing really been confirmed but I would say Evo2017.


Where can we see you play next?

You can catch me at Capcom Pro Tour for SFV. When Tekken comes out, we will see. I am planning to go EVO this year as well. Oh and ofcourse the District G Tekken Closing Party – Can’t miss that one!!

Follow Jae on Twitter: @ItsJustinNelson