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EUL Season Champions Announced!

Well, we thought season one was great, season two has taken it to another level!!

After winning the Cup of Elites last season, and leaving everyone asking the same question, will he be the player to beat next season?

TEKKERS lived up to all the hype and speculation by winning the Diamond League, this was a closely fought contest between last season’s Golden League Champion McConnell who was pipped to the post.

JLOZZY the verified player who everybody wanted to see just how good he really is. He did not disappoint, winning the League without dropping a point as well as the District-G Cup, earning the name the Golden Boy of the Golden League.

Ruben, a player who many have claimed to be an under achiever, as he had never quite lived up to all the hype, finally silenced his critics by winning the Cup of Elites narrowly edging past last season’s champion Tekkers.

Ghost, goes down in EUL history by winning the first Europa cup beating newly promoted Mariam 3-1.

Congratulations to Pitball and Mariam who received promotions into the Diamond League.