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EUL Season 1: Wrap Up!

So that’s a wrap…

End of what everyone’s calling an amazing season.

JIGAA forged is own path all the way to the Diamond League Hall of Fame while also taking home the Community Cup. Ruthless throughout the whole season. Drew a target, put it on his OWN back and said shoot…
Then he went and won the double.

McCONNELL, clinching the 1st ever Gold League playoffs! He nearly made it an unbeaten season but dropped a game to Ruben at the last hurdle.

TECKERS made history taking the the 1st ever Cup of Elites. Whooping CEO Macs in the final.

Macs made two finals and bottled them both.

Congrats to our winners!!!

Huge congrats to Ruben, MiE and Batchy on earning their promotion to the Diamond League.

Massive thank you to Ghost and Savage Macs!

Bring on Season 2!!!