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District G: WAR Part II


The long awaited 2nd qualifier in the District G: Tekken 7 War Series has been announced as Sunday 26th November. Players from all over the UK and Europe, will ascend on London for the chance to win the next 2 seeded places in District G’s final coming this winter.

 Competitors already through to the final include, Asim and Roo Kang. Who both made it past DG’s own UK Champion Kaneandtrench to snatch the places.
District G, CEO Joe said: “This qualifier, players will have to get past Team DG’s Kaneandtrench, King Jae, Strider,
C-krizzle, Bonus Jin & The Phantom, who are raring to go, after failing to seed in our last event”.

Up to 100 players will go through a gruelling double elimination format, with the top two, completing the seeds for the pro-league.

Joe continued. ‘Although this is a great platform for our pro-players, we saw a lot of new amateur gamers last time. It’s good for them, there’s something for everyone – no matter what level they play at.’

To REGISTER for the District G War II please CLICK HERE!