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District G signs popular Tekken Pro Rookang!

Mario aka Rookang the UK’s number one Bob player signs with UK eSports organisation District-G and will be representing them in the Tekken World Tour this year.

Rookang is one of the most consistent and dominant UK professional Tekken players, his real name is Mario Alonso Tufinio. He will be joining the likes of Strider the team captain of District-G who uses Josie Rizal, Kaneandtrench (Yoshimitusu player), The Phantom (Master Raven), Bonusjin (Nina Williams), C-Krizzle (Law) and Asim (Steve Fox, Katarina and Dragunov), with their respective characters who they use in-game while competing.


Rookang has won over 30 Tekken tournaments worldwide in Dubai and France, known for being one of the strongest Bob Tekken 7 pro players in the world, the tournaments he has competed in include victories at Manchester MBA, Belong Game Arena Clash, ELF Royal Rumble, and he also qualified for the District G Pro League.

Joesph Nwosokwa District-G Co-Founder and CEO has done a great job recruiting the top UK talent. District-G are a unique gaming eSports business and repping London, England specialising in Tekken 7 which is part of the fighting game community and FIFA the well known football game that has it’s own contained FIFA community.

Make sure you look out, Rookang because he will be competing in this year’s 2018 Tekken World Tour representing Team District-G with the rest of the Team. District-G will be sending Rookang to Poland, Lodz ?? to compete in the masters event called “Fighting Game Challenge” and also the challenger event in ?? Germany, Berlin called “Berlin Tekken Clash”. Both events are part of the Tekken World Tour 2018. “Get ready for the next battle”.

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Joseph Opoku