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District G Presents… The Play Republic

Izzie Gibbs to headline, London’s first Esports Grime Gig this September. 


London’s first Music & Esports Show 
District G promotions today launched London’s first ever Esports tournament, combining some the capitals trail blazing grime artists and top gamers at the inaugural Play Republic event.

The concept first came to us when we used to show case DJ’s at our original Tekken tournaments, it created a unique esports experience, and players and spectators would thrive on the charged environment. 

Given the UK’s current love affair with urban music and especially homegrown artists, the event has created a hot line-up headlined by Izzie Gibbs, LD (6ix7even) and supports from Yizzy & Rizzy Entario. Plus the apperances from the nations leading gamers specialising in Tekken 7 and FIFA.

As well as music, FiFA and Tekken tournaments (with cash prizes) The Play Republic visitors will get to see exhibition matches between FIFA World Cup Pro’s and their favourite artists. 

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The Play Republic, Saturday 28th September, Rich Mix, Shoreditch.